I just finished my trial period and was so amazed with the support and results that I purchased Ultimate VPN.

Jude Thorn - Designer


I don't know how I managed to get work done without Ultimate VPN. The speed of this application is amazing!

Roy Smith - Developer


This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every youtuber's day to day operations.

Marsha Singer - Influencer


Searching for a great Internet unblocking app was difficult but thankfully I found Ultimate VPN.

Tim Shaw - Designer


Ultimate VPN's support team is amazing. They've helped me with some issues and I am so grateful to them.

Lindsay Spice - Marketer


Who would have thought that Ultimate VPN can provide such amazing speed in just a few weeks of use

Ann Black - Developer


Ultimate VPN was designed based on input from industrial cyber security experts and savvy deverlopers so it offers all

Geo Restriction

Ultimate VPN you from geo restrictions so that your Internet is once again interconnected globally

IP changer

Ultimate VPN changes your IP address at the tip of your finger

Refined Options

Dozens of more country locations for premium users*


One Year VPN

Great Discount! Only HK$279.99 for 12 months global VPN access. Cancel anytime.

You have 10 day free trial where you can fully test our service quality from your local network.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you can simply cancel your free trial within 10 days.

If you are happy with our service and would like to pay for the service, you don't need to do anything.

If you have subscribed and decide to cancel before expiry date, you won't get refund, your service will remain active till expiry date.


Secure Connection

Safely access Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and personal hotspots.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Personal information, passwords and embarrassing texts are safe at last.

Complete Anonymity

Your IP address is hidden, protecting your identity and location.

Encrypted Data

Data is fully encrypted before transmission for an added layer of protection.

Top Speed

Slow down your internet connection? That’s not our style.

Fully Automated

No manual activation needed. Ultimate VPN automatically connect/reconnect optimal servers for you.

Totally Agnostic

Works on all Wi-Fi connections and mobile data carriers.

Easy Streaming

Unlimted streaming with no worries about bill shock.


* Cancel anytime during 10 day trial period with no cost on users.

**Charge only applies after free trial expires. No Refund accepted.

***Pro-rate refund is accepted for duplicated purchases where two purchases from same account overlap in terms of calendar days.

**** All refund will be provided through Google Play Payment system.

READ FULL terms and conditions


High Spead

Ultimate VPN carefully selects powerful and stable server around the world to provide trust-worthy VPN services to users. A speed test feature is available for premium users to test the speed of existing network as well as their VPN connections.

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Unblocking Internet

Ultimate VPN is able to bypass most of governtment censorship by encrypting your data and change your IP address, empowering you to access free Internet.

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Get Ultimate VPN

Ultimate VPN is FREE to download and use for all users. It offers free servers from most popular countries as well as premium plans, which provides 10 day free trial for users to FULLY test out our service quality.
You won't be charged during free trial period. You will only pay after free trial expires.


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